Wheel of Wealth update

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Several months back, fundamental changes were made to the Wheel of Wealth backend to make way for future updates. This caused the Windows Phone version of the game to be offline until an update was available. The Windows version was also taken offline, however as the game isn’t a universal Windows game the Windows version was going to require significant work to be brought back online.

The game remained offline while we were making a decision on the Windows version. Due to the significant work required to get the game back online (half of the game being rewritten), and the lower player numbers on Windows, we are now officially dropping Windows support for the game. However we will continue to support the  Windows Phone version of the game.

However it’s not all bad news for Windows players – the main reason behind this decision is we are in the process of developing Wheel of Wealth 3D, the Wheel of Wealth sequal. Support for the original Wheel of Wealth for Windows Phone will also be dropped once the sequal launches so with limited resources we decided to put more towards the new game.

Wheel of Wealth 3D will be launching on ALL major platforms including Windows and will be well worth the wait.

To all the players who purely played on Windows, we apologise for the inconvenience and taking so long to make a decision on the future of the game. However we hope you will play and enjoy Wheel of Wealth 3D once it’s officially launched.

Watch this space for more info on the new game along with information on becoming an alpha/beta tester and being able to play a huge role in shaping the development of the new game.

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