July offer for VIP status – Get lifetime access to everything from Shantek Studios

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We have a crazy good offer for everyone to jumpstart our VIP sales. You won’t want to miss this as it will never be repeated!

For the remainder of July, the Premium VIP Pack, Ultimate VIP Pack and the One of a Kind VIP Pack all come with an extra perk. Get UNLIMITED access to EVERYTHING that ever gets released from Shantek Studios, for….. LIFE! That includes all games, premium game add-ons, ad removal from all games and any premium apps we ever release. This offer will be applied to your gamer id on the Shantek One network and will apply across every platform our products are available on.

This offer will never be repeated and has a long term value in to the thousands so now is a great time to support a local developer, get your face in to a video game and get lifetime VIP benefits that you won’t find anywhere else!

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