Help us develop and test Wheel of Wealth 3D (cross platform)

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Work is underway on Wheel of Wealth 3D and we need your help!

Wheel of Wealth on Windows Phone was the first big project released from Shantek Studios many years ago and the decision has been made to redesign it from scratch using Unity 3D and going cross platform.

However this won’t be any ordinary beta testing, we will be bringing users who wish to participate in on the ground level. Testers will get to help us in developing the game with plans to release work REALLY early to our testers in the development cycle with the initial builds being more for game logic and just enough UI to play the game with the UI side of the game to be done at a later stage in the testing.

This is going to allow us to take feedback on game play and then on the UI as we design it and allow us to implement as much feasible feedback as possible to help us launch the best product we can.

If you wish to participate in the testing on Windows (Phone and PC/Tablet), iOS (iPhone & iPad) or Android (Phone & Tablet) head over to our mailing list and sign up to be notified as soon as we have more info.

Thanks for your ongoing support

Kris Shanahan
Managing Director

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