Card Arcade 3D in planning.. again!

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First of all, happy new year. 2016 wasn’t very eventful for me at Shantek Studios, studying a full time game development diploma, working close to full time and having a second kid (5 month old) in the house really takes most of your time so it’s been a while with not much coming out of Shantek Studios recently. 

In 2016 we started planning stages for sequels to Wheel of Wealth and Card Arcade, but due to time constraints and funding issues these were put on hold short term. 
I’m pleased to announce Card Arcade 3D has entered the early stages of planning with the intention of launching by the end of 2017 if all goes to plan. We currently don’t have much to share on the game except we are staying loyal to the fan base that gave us our start and will still be launching to Windows 10 and Mobile along side other platforms (with plans of a soft launch to the Microsoft platforms first), with the Windows 10/Mobile version set to include Xbox live status and achievements. 

Once the game is further along in development and we have a working demo video, we are hoping to launch a kickstarter again with some good perks including getting your face made in to an avatar or being used on a face card in the game – but this will be once we have more to show so you can get a feel for the game. 

Stay tuned here for updates on the game as we will share progress updates every month on how the game is coming along. 

I look forward to a successful year. Thanks for your support. 

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