Introducing Card Arcade – Coming Soon to Windows Phone

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It’s been months in development, however after the success of our current Windows Phone games (Wheel of Wealth & Get High with Words) we are now pleased to be able to share some more information with everyone on our upcoming Windows Phone game, Card Arcade!

Card Arcade is a hub of Card Games and will initially launch with 4 card games included, with many more to come. The game will be receiving regular updates after launch to include new games and game modes.

The initial launch card games are set to include:

– Go Fish
– Blackjack
– Memory
– Old Maid

Future plans for Card Arcade are to include many additional games (to be announced soon) along with additional game modes including pass and play, local WiFi play and real-time multiplayer (card games to include these additional game modes to be confirmed).

The game in nearing completion and will be launching on the Windows Phone marketplace as a free ad-supported game in the very near future (availability dates to be announced in a future post) and will be followed by a Windows 8 launch in the future.

Below is a little taste of what to expect – stay tuned here for more info in the coming weeks! Have a card game you would like to see in Card Arcade? Let us know in the comments!

Card Arcade Main Menu
Main Menu
Placing a Blackjack Bet
Go Fish Game Menu
Go Fish Menu
Go Fish
Go Fish

Adelaide Windows Phone 8 Developers Workshop

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Calling all SA Adelaide based Mobile developers, Microsoft and Nokia are delighted to announce that they have extended the Windows Phone 8 Developer series of workshops to now include Adelaide.

Windows Phone 8 is a huge step forward, not only maintaining compatibility with existing Windows Phone apps, but embraces a number of core Windows 8 technologies, bringing significant performance improvements, support for managed and native C++ development, in app purchase, wallet, NFC, developer access to the Bluetooth and speech APIs, and more. See Windows Phone 8 developer platform highlights.

This two day workshop is scheduled for Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th. The first day is a presentation day that will get you up to speed with the Windows Phone 8 developer platform. Day two (Saturday) is a hands on labs day to guide you through the experience of building Windows Phone apps.

If you are interested in attending the event, use the below links to register to attend.


Day 1 – Presentation Day

Day 2 – Hands on Labs Day

Wheel of Wealth Feature Suggestions

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Wheel of Wealth is your game and we want to give you the best experience while playing. We are pleased to launch our new User Voice site for Wheel of Wealth on Windows Phone & Windows 8.

The site will be used for users to make any feature suggestions that they have in mind for the game and for users to vote on the suggestions. We are happy to take everything in to consideration when planning future updates and are looking forward to gaining some valuable feedback on how we can improve the game for everyone.

Click here to visit our User Voice website and start making your suggestions today!


Get High With Words v1.9 Update

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The latest update for Get High with Words (v1.9) for Windows Phone has just been submitted for certification.

This latest update brings many bug fix’s that users have reported to us including:

– ‘Not your turn’ when loading a game.
– Incorrect guess when loading a game.
– Points awarded showing blank when submitting your last word.
– Game tips only show once each per launch (unless disabled in settings).
– Double letter, Triple letter, Double word etc now calculate correctly.

+ several other bug’s now resolved.

wp_ss_20130305_0004 wp_ss_20130305_0003 wp_ss_20130305_0002

For those of you who currently don’t have the game, you can download the ad supported version here or the paid version here.  To celebrate the latest update, the paid version has now been lowered to $0.99 AUD for a short time.

Thanks for your continued support.

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