Help bring Wheel of Wealth to other platforms

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We have had many request from users over the last 6 months to bring Wheel of Wealth to other platforms, including iOS and Android.

As we are currently only setup for Windows Phone & Windows 8 development, we have decided to turn it over to you (our loyal community of players) to help make it a reality.

As of today (and for the next 30 days), we are running a fundraising campaign over on indiegogo. The purpose of this campaign is to raise enough funds to enable us to invest time and resources in to the development of Wheel of Wealth on platforms like iOS, Android and possibly BlackBerry (subject to available funding). Depending on funding raised, we are also investigating real-time multiplayer support across platforms as well as the standard turn based multiplayer and solo game modes.

Should we reach our goal 100%, the game is also set to be re-developed using the Unity engine and to be published to all available platforms that support Unity.

To get a full run-down of our plans and to support our campaign, head over to the indiegogo campaign page.

Thanks for your support!

Wheel of Wealth v3.0 Beta Announcement

As we are coming up to the 2 year anniversary of Wheel of Wealth being available on the Windows Phone store, we’ve seen great success with the game and have of course had our ups and downs along with way. The game is now at version 2.8 and supports Windows Phone 7 & 8. Over the past 21 months of being available, it has seen a total of 13 updates, averaging an update every 6 weeks. Moving forward, our commitment to the game is stronger than ever!

We are now in the process of developing v3.0 – the first major overhaul to the game and back-end infrastructure since the initial launch of v1.0 back in November 2011. With a lot of aspects of the game being rewritten from the ground up, we are planning huge performance improvements all round for the game.

Here’s just a taste of what we have in the works for v3.0:

– Player profiles
– Friends list
– Ability to block players
– All new solo play game mode
– Offline play ability (local saved puzzles)

The above features (and more) will be implemented in both the Windows Phone 7 & 8 versions of the game. Moving forward we plan to continue full support for Windows Phone 7 with all major features (within OS restrictions) to be implemented in ALL future updates.

Along with the listed features, we are also investigating local WiFi play and real time multiplayer modes. Stay tuned for more information on these 2 new game modes along with a confirmation of when to expect these modes in the near future (not currently confirmed for v3.0).

During the development and testing phase of v3.0, we have set up a temporary mirror server for Wheel of Wealth. This will ensure the current players of the game can continue uninterrupted and will allow us to make drastic changes to both the game and back-end code.

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for beta testers for v3.0 of the game for Windows Phone users only – with Windows 8 users to follow later. The initial build will be a Windows Phone 7 build, however will be applicable to both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 users, with the Windows Phone 8 features to be re-introduced later in the beta period. As we plan to begin the beta testing early in the development phase of v3.0, we will be seeking as much feedback as possible from our user base. This will give our long term/loyal user base a chance to have their say and shape the direction of the game with all feedback being taken on board, we will be implementing as many practical features as possible to enhance the overall game play.

As a thank you for those involved in the testing phase, we will also be providing some exclusive in-game content for v3.0 testers, once the game comes out of beta. Do you want to get involved in the testing? Head to our mailing list, fill out the appropriate details and you’ll instantly be a part of the program.

We are seeking as many testers as possible to replicate a real live server, to ensure we are able to optimize the beta server and game as much as possible. We are expecting testing to begin in the coming weeks, so be sure to spread the word!

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you many more projects in the very near future on Windows Phone!

Card Arcade for Windows Phone

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As mentioned previously in our teaser blog post early this month, Card Card was nearing completion. We are happy to announce that v1.0 of Card Arcade is now complete and is undergoing final QA checks prior to certification. We wanted to take this opportunity to give a more in-depth look at the game prior to release.

Card Arcade is a ‘hub’ of card games you know and love! The game currently features 4 card games with new games to be added with each update.

The initial launch of the game will include:

– Old Maid
– Go Fish
– Memory
– Blackjack

Below are some screenshots with a bit of a walkthrough of the game and what to expect. Card Arcade is expected to be submitted for certification shortly. Stay tuned to our website for availability information.


Game Main Menu

Old Maid Menu & Game Play


Go Fish Menu & Game Play



Blackjack Menu, Bet Screen & Game Play






Memory Menu & Game Play



Settings screen with Exclusive Nokia Content


Unlockable Tophies


Introducing Card Arcade – Coming Soon to Windows Phone

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It’s been months in development, however after the success of our current Windows Phone games (Wheel of Wealth & Get High with Words) we are now pleased to be able to share some more information with everyone on our upcoming Windows Phone game, Card Arcade!

Card Arcade is a hub of Card Games and will initially launch with 4 card games included, with many more to come. The game will be receiving regular updates after launch to include new games and game modes.

The initial launch card games are set to include:

– Go Fish
– Blackjack
– Memory
– Old Maid

Future plans for Card Arcade are to include many additional games (to be announced soon) along with additional game modes including pass and play, local WiFi play and real-time multiplayer (card games to include these additional game modes to be confirmed).

The game in nearing completion and will be launching on the Windows Phone marketplace as a free ad-supported game in the very near future (availability dates to be announced in a future post) and will be followed by a Windows 8 launch in the future.

Below is a little taste of what to expect – stay tuned here for more info in the coming weeks! Have a card game you would like to see in Card Arcade? Let us know in the comments!

Card Arcade Main Menu
Main Menu
Placing a Blackjack Bet
Go Fish Game Menu
Go Fish Menu
Go Fish
Go Fish
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