Help us develop and test Wheel of Wealth 3D (cross platform)

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Work is underway on Wheel of Wealth 3D and we need your help!

Wheel of Wealth on Windows Phone was the first big project released from Shantek Studios many years ago and the decision has been made to redesign it from scratch using Unity 3D and going cross platform.

However this won’t be any ordinary beta testing, we will be bringing users who wish to participate in on the ground level. Testers will get to help us in developing the game with plans to release work REALLY early to our testers in the development cycle with the initial builds being more for game logic and just enough UI to play the game with the UI side of the game to be done at a later stage in the testing.

This is going to allow us to take feedback on game play and then on the UI as we design it and allow us to implement as much feasible feedback as possible to help us launch the best product we can.

If you wish to participate in the testing on Windows (Phone and PC/Tablet), iOS (iPhone & iPad) or Android (Phone & Tablet) head over to our mailing list and sign up to be notified as soon as we have more info.

Thanks for your ongoing support

Kris Shanahan
Managing Director

Card Arcade 3D in planning.. again!

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First of all, happy new year. 2016 wasn’t very eventful for me at Shantek Studios, studying a full time game development diploma, working close to full time and having a second kid (5 month old) in the house really takes most of your time so it’s been a while with not much coming out of Shantek Studios recently. 

In 2016 we started planning stages for sequels to Wheel of Wealth and Card Arcade, but due to time constraints and funding issues these were put on hold short term. 
I’m pleased to announce Card Arcade 3D has entered the early stages of planning with the intention of launching by the end of 2017 if all goes to plan. We currently don’t have much to share on the game except we are staying loyal to the fan base that gave us our start and will still be launching to Windows 10 and Mobile along side other platforms (with plans of a soft launch to the Microsoft platforms first), with the Windows 10/Mobile version set to include Xbox live status and achievements. 

Once the game is further along in development and we have a working demo video, we are hoping to launch a kickstarter again with some good perks including getting your face made in to an avatar or being used on a face card in the game – but this will be once we have more to show so you can get a feel for the game. 

Stay tuned here for updates on the game as we will share progress updates every month on how the game is coming along. 

I look forward to a successful year. Thanks for your support. 

Wheel of Wealth update

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Several months back, fundamental changes were made to the Wheel of Wealth backend to make way for future updates. This caused the Windows Phone version of the game to be offline until an update was available. The Windows version was also taken offline, however as the game isn’t a universal Windows game the Windows version was going to require significant work to be brought back online.

The game remained offline while we were making a decision on the Windows version. Due to the significant work required to get the game back online (half of the game being rewritten), and the lower player numbers on Windows, we are now officially dropping Windows support for the game. However we will continue to support the  Windows Phone version of the game.

However it’s not all bad news for Windows players – the main reason behind this decision is we are in the process of developing Wheel of Wealth 3D, the Wheel of Wealth sequal. Support for the original Wheel of Wealth for Windows Phone will also be dropped once the sequal launches so with limited resources we decided to put more towards the new game.

Wheel of Wealth 3D will be launching on ALL major platforms including Windows and will be well worth the wait.

To all the players who purely played on Windows, we apologise for the inconvenience and taking so long to make a decision on the future of the game. However we hope you will play and enjoy Wheel of Wealth 3D once it’s officially launched.

Watch this space for more info on the new game along with information on becoming an alpha/beta tester and being able to play a huge role in shaping the development of the new game.

Announcing Shantek One

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We are pleased to share with you our plans for a brand new service we will be launching in early 2016 called Shantek One. This new service is set to take all Shantek Studios applications and games to the next level!

We are currently in the process of bringing our entire portfolio to iOS and Android (along with new games and apps) and Shantek One will play a big part in this process. 

So, what is Shantek One?

Shantek One is one of the first services of its kind that will give our loyal customers true value for money. Once our portfolio begins to launch on other platforms, a purchase from one app will be stored under the customers Shantek One account and will be transferred to EVERY available platform – make a single purchase and use that content on all your devices! 

If you’ve already paid for a game, app or in app content – you should be free to play on whatever device you wish to and all your purchases should go with you.

The service will require a single registration from the customer, however once a username has been chosen, you can then simply just log in to any of our apps and games with the single account. No longer will you need to register for each individual app or game. 

Is the service free?

Yes! Shantek One is free to register an account, and the only purchases required are any desired app or game purchases from your device to be stored on your account. 

Push notification changes

Our existing games and apps currently allow for a single Windows and single Windows phone device to receive notifications. When a new device is registered for notifications, the old one is then removed. With the launch of Shantek One and the apps and games going cross platform, we are launching a new dedicated notification service. 

Once a new device is registered on your account, you will continue to receive notifications for that specific app or game up until you opt out or the device is dropped from the system. 

What will happen to my existing account?

Shantek One will be formed from the Wheel of Wealth user base, as the game is nearing 100,000 online player accounts. These players will then get preference to online account usernames based on their existing usernames in the game.

We will have a brief period where new registrations will be disabled for existing games and apps while we transition to the new system, however this will be outlined in further detail in the near future. 

What other benefits are there to a single account?

Found a player you like in one of our games? With Shantek One you will be able to view the players profile and see what Shantek Studios games they play and when they were last active. You can then continue playing across our games. They don’t play a certain game? Simply send them an invite and get the gaming underway. 

We will have more information to share with you all in the very near future on Shantek One. 

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