Wheel of Wealth 3D now available on iOS & Android

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Music by Sunsai

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce Wheel of Wealth 3D is now available as a free to play game in iOS & Android and is coming soon to Windows.

A turn based word puzzle game, do you have what it takes to solve the puzzle? In Wheel of Wealth 3D, match up with opponents from all over the world in 5 rounds and the highest score at the end wins. While you wait for your online opponents, why not start a solo game where you will be challenged to solve puzzles after selecting your initial letters.

The game comes complete with a top 10 leader board along with other game stats to track your progress. Be sure to enable notifications in the settings to ensure smooth game play! May the best player win!

Feel free to send me a game invite, username ‘Kris’.

Advanced Unity Developer – South Australia

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Shantek Studios is a small South Australia development studio. We are currently seeking an individual who is willing to invest some of their spare time in to a startup project in return for equity in the project profits. We will be using the prototype to try to obtain funding to further develop it and to employ the prototype developers full time.


You’ll be responsible for creating an interactive 3d floor planner for real-estate in Unity3D that will integrate with our house generator product that is already in development.


  • Formal qualification in the gaming industry.
  • A portfolio of work that you have worked on.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in C#, specifically for Unity3D, and strong coding standards.
  • A thorough understanding of game design principles and player experience.
  • Experience in using Unity3D.
  • Have your own computer for developing the prototype.
  • Be close to the Southern SA suburbs or willing to travel for weekly catch-ups.
  • Ability to collaborate in a small team.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Be willing to invest your own time for the prototype.
  • Be willing to accept paid employment with us if we obtain funding.

A contract will be offered to the suitable candidate offering them equity in the project profits in return for investing your own time to help us build the prototype. The contract will also cover employment opportunities if we can obtain funding to progress further with the project. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please forward your resume and cover letter to kris@staff.shantekstudios.com.au

July offer for VIP status – Get lifetime access to everything from Shantek Studios

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We have a crazy good offer for everyone to jumpstart our VIP sales. You won’t want to miss this as it will never be repeated!

For the remainder of July, the Premium VIP Pack, Ultimate VIP Pack and the One of a Kind VIP Pack all come with an extra perk. Get UNLIMITED access to EVERYTHING that ever gets released from Shantek Studios, for….. LIFE! That includes all games, premium game add-ons, ad removal from all games and any premium apps we ever release. This offer will be applied to your gamer id on the Shantek One network and will apply across every platform our products are available on.

This offer will never be repeated and has a long term value in to the thousands so now is a great time to support a local developer, get your face in to a video game and get lifetime VIP benefits that you won’t find anywhere else!

Become a Shantek One VIP & get your face in a Video Game!

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Shantek One is our new platform that will be fully integrated in to Wheel of Wealth 3D being our first cross platform game and all future products. Users have a single account for all Shantek Studios products and your in game currency earned or purchased can be spent in any of our products. All purchased content for a specific game will also be available across all platforms that game is available on at no extra charge.

As Wheel of wealth 3D gets further in to development, we are looking at ways to engage with our community and fanbase in the upcoming release. The game (and all our future online games) will feature a cartoon avatar/profile picture system with the aim to have a heap of characters to choose from along with a bunch of accessories for each character (glasses, hat etc.)

We are giving our users the opportunity to purchase a slot to have their own picture turned in to a cartoon and put in to the game with options to get a digital copy to keep. We are taking a limited number of users initially and plan to expand closer to release. Each character in the game will get a small bio attached to them in the avatar selection screen and the users avatar will follow your user account across all our present and future games. All characters can be used by any of our players worldwide.

Below are the packages we have available:

Basic VIP Package – $50.00 AUD

– Exclusive VIP badge on your profile within all our online games.
– Receive 3x the in game currency from watching ads.
– Receive 3x the in game currency on all purchases made in the App Store.
– Exclusive priority support email for VIP customers.
– Exclusive access to all upcoming development builds or betas that we run.
– Exclusive VIP email list, be kept up to date on all things Shantek Studios and Shantek One.
– Satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a local developer.

Please note: This package DOES NOT include the cartoon avatar  if you are interested in this, please review the below packages.

Premium VIP Package – $150

All the Basic VIP perks + a picture you send us being turned in to a game avatar by our amazing artist.

Ultimate VIP Package – $200

All the Basic VIP perks + a picture you send us being turned in to a game avatar by our amazing artist. As part of this package you also get a digital copy of your avatar to keep (optionally signed by the artist).

One of a Kind VIP Package – $250

All the Basic VIP perks + a picture you send us being turned in to a game avatar by our amazing artist. As part of this package you also get a digital copy of your avatar to keep (optionally signed by the artist). Your avatar will also become the placeholder avatar for every player until they choose their own avatar so there is only 1 of these packages available.


All our artwork is being done by our freelance artist Jonathan Munro. Be sure to check out his Facebook page.

We plan to release our games to all platforms possible without any assistance, however purchasing any of the above packages supports our game development and helps speed up the development process along with the quality of the games we want to bring to market. As we’ve been developing exclusively on Windows platforms in the past, cross platform development has a much higher cost with test hardware as is what all funds raised will be used to purchase. All support is greatly appreciated.

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