Announcing Shantek One

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We are pleased to share with you our plans for a brand new service we will be launching in early 2016 called Shantek One. This new service is set to take all Shantek Studios applications and games to the next level!

We are currently in the process of bringing our entire portfolio to iOS and Android (along with new games and apps) and Shantek One will play a big part in this process. 

So, what is Shantek One?

Shantek One is one of the first services of its kind that will give our loyal customers true value for money. Once our portfolio begins to launch on other platforms, a purchase from one app will be stored under the customers Shantek One account and will be transferred to EVERY available platform – make a single purchase and use that content on all your devices! 

If you’ve already paid for a game, app or in app content – you should be free to play on whatever device you wish to and all your purchases should go with you.

The service will require a single registration from the customer, however once a username has been chosen, you can then simply just log in to any of our apps and games with the single account. No longer will you need to register for each individual app or game. 

Is the service free?

Yes! Shantek One is free to register an account, and the only purchases required are any desired app or game purchases from your device to be stored on your account. 

Push notification changes

Our existing games and apps currently allow for a single Windows and single Windows phone device to receive notifications. When a new device is registered for notifications, the old one is then removed. With the launch of Shantek One and the apps and games going cross platform, we are launching a new dedicated notification service. 

Once a new device is registered on your account, you will continue to receive notifications for that specific app or game up until you opt out or the device is dropped from the system. 

What will happen to my existing account?

Shantek One will be formed from the Wheel of Wealth user base, as the game is nearing 100,000 online player accounts. These players will then get preference to online account usernames based on their existing usernames in the game.

We will have a brief period where new registrations will be disabled for existing games and apps while we transition to the new system, however this will be outlined in further detail in the near future. 

What other benefits are there to a single account?

Found a player you like in one of our games? With Shantek One you will be able to view the players profile and see what Shantek Studios games they play and when they were last active. You can then continue playing across our games. They don’t play a certain game? Simply send them an invite and get the gaming underway. 

We will have more information to share with you all in the very near future on Shantek One. 

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